I was looking for a positive caring environment for my son to receive therapy – Optimize blew me away.

We went for OT, PT, and speech for about 4 and a half years. His therapist took the time to get to know him and weaved his interests into his therapy. Every visit they had a plan with activities that targeted his goals but also created solid building blocks for his self-esteem. His therapists communicated his goals to me and always had suggestions on how to continue the work at home. He loved going to therapy. Over our time at Optimize my son grew in so many areas. Yes, he continued to meet goals and yes strangers started to understand him a little better but he also grew to love and trust his three therapists. They became part of our family. Optimize creates a phenomenal atmosphere where the focus is on the whole child. To them my son wasn’t just another patient he was unique and special, and they took the time to get to know him for him…and for that I will forever be grateful.

Ashley Z, Parent

My daughter was diagnosed with Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome) and Optimize was recommended by a well-respected Physical Therapist who works in Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE). We began first working with Beth Ashcraft (PT). Then, we decided to stay in-house for OT and ST. We now also work with Shannon Schlotman (OT), Lindsey Turner (SLP), and Lee Seider (OT). Everyone has proven to be top clinicians in their respective fields, working together to meticulously and holistically align their clinical work with where we are and where we hope to be. It’s a loving and fun place and we feel supported in every way here. Optimize has been instrumental in helping us redefine what is possible for our daughter.
– Minika F, parent

She attends sessions for physical, occupational, and speech therapy and is seen by Beth (PT), Lindsey (ST), and Shannon (OT). The progression and achievements that my daughter has made have truly been remarkable. And a large credit goes to these AMAZING ladies. Optimize is much more than a therapy center and these ladies are much more than therapists. They provide support, guidance and suggestions on how to implement what she has learned in her sessions at home; to ensure that she continues to reach her goals and milestones outside of therapy. By recommending additional resources outside of therapy, they are genuinely client-and-family centered. I feel having that extra support, provides our children the best opportunity to be set up for success, along with their families.

The absolute best feeling for me, is attending a session with my daughter and watching her accomplish something — Their level of excitement every time is transcendent. It keeps Ailani exhilarated and engaged. These ladies continually motivate her to keep up the great work and it is refreshing to see people care as much as they do! Their commitment to each of their clients manifests a quality of care that is unsurpassed and I am honored to call Optimize Therapy family.

– A’Caila R-J, Parent